Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Betts Fireplace and Chimney Project, Day 5

While camped on site I've had the habit of taking morning walks before work begins.  This is a fireplace ruin I found in the woods of the Betts property, and I thought it would make an interesting post.  Generator problems have put a dent in the day's progress.

The lighter colored brick at the base of the chimney are original to the initial foundation of this fireplace.  The red brick reveal that this fireplace and chimney was rebuilt some where along the way.  Brick from this era were fired at low temperatures with wood burning kilns that left the brick somewhat soft to the focused heat of a fireplace; especially when this was the only source of heat during the winter, and it was kept burning.  Spalling brick at the foundation level show greater decay due to extended proximity to the firebox.

Fox tracks during my walk.

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