Thursday, June 30, 2011

Betts Fireplace and Chimney Project, Day 17

Installation of 7th and 8th flue liners.  This will top the chimney out at about 3' or so above the ridge of the dwelling.  Mason Alejandro is preparing for tomorrow's work.

Builder Trey Perkins and wife Deana showing the scale of the Betts fireplace.

View of masonry from interior of lodge's great room — Tennessee field stone will be applied to this masonry body.

The first fire in a new fireplace is always exciting and affirming no matter how many times you've done it.  Dickey lit the christening fire here, and I really enjoy how the fire light illuminates the basket weave brick pattern of the firebox.  This fire was started without priming the flue, and despite this, and the 5' tall opening, no smoke entered the space of the lodge.  The saying, "It'll jerk the cat off the floor," comes to mind.

Family visit to site.

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