Saturday, May 15, 2010

Nantahala Wilderness, North Carolina

Native Brown Trout caught from a stream in North Carolina's Nantahala Wilderness. The photo was taken by Biologist Ben Davis who was kind enough to guide an impromptu fishing trip while visiting mutual friends with my family in Robinsville. Ben was glad to see this healthy specimen come from the remote creek we were fishing and I was happy to release it.

Note the pattern of light and color in the water just above the trout's head and over to my right hand. Compare this to the pattern along the trout's back.

This is a fine example of how design and beauty are ultimately rooted in survival and sustainability. Architecturally speaking, it's no coincidence that beautiful buildings are generally more sound and provide shelter longer than buildings we have no affection for. When we acknowledge the structure of water and the successful design of a fish we are better positioned to adopt and imitate foundational elements of sensible design.