Sunday, October 31, 2010

Veneer Masonry Progress/Front Left Side

Apprentice Hugo waving from a cloud of dust at the brick saw.  We've burned through three saws and many more 14" diamond blades during the course of building the Daulton House.  This attention to masonry detail is one of the many factors contributing to the project's success.

Front left corner of the house as scaffolding is being removed.  The house will not have gutters with the exception of this front left valley system.  The amount of water that will converge on this relatively small area will need to be managed by a copper collection basin and gutters custom fabricated to match the aesthetic of the overall design.  Copper elements are almost always opportunities to enhance a design.  The raised area above the corbelling at the two eaves will provide a space for the gutters so as not to totally obscure corbels themselves. 

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