Friday, September 3, 2010

Commence Framing

Framing began today.  The four stand alone masonry structures will be brought together by the frame as the Daulton house begins to take shape. Along the way, speculations have been raised by onlookers as to what is actually being constructed at 318 South McDonough Street; from memorial, to chapel, to expansion of the Agnes Scott campus.  For those confused by the departure from conventional building orthodoxy, it's all about to make sense.  It's a point of particular note to mention that the structural masonry elements of the Daulton House represent centuries of Architectural process and expression. Daily, we receive support for the vision and craftsmanship of the project and for this we are always appreciative.  As a resident of the City of Decatur Community, it's important to me that the project is a success both  for the Daulton's and MAK neighborhood.   

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