Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Completion of the Dickey Betts Fireplace and Chimney Project

Completed stone and brick masonry fireplace.  Three sizes of Tennessee Field Stone were used during construction.  We were trying to emulate an authentic, antiquated approach to masonry, and while considering how the material might have been acquired back in those 'horse drawn' days, it became apparent that there would be a variety sizes. Logistics just wouldn't have provided a single stone size without great cost, and a range of stone size allows a personality not afforded by such a contrived uniformity.  As land was cleared and farmed, top soil stones would have been piled along the sides of crop fields and pastures. These would then be utilized in the most efficient way which would have no doubt included a variety of shapes and sizes.  With this same mind set, we used the weathered face of the stone, rather than a broken face, allowing the dressings of time acquired by each individual stone to play a part in the aesthetic of the fireplace.  The result was a stoically beautiful centerpiece for the Betts Hunting Lodge.

Gray Fox on path between camp and the Betts Lodge.

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