Saturday, January 23, 2010

Historic Commission Hearing

With some alteration, the Daulton design was approved on January 19th 2010. The process was arduous to say the least. Our case was discussed for about an hour an 45 minutes, beginning with my design introduction, followed by those not supporting the proposal (of which there were 2 separate neighbors), followed by those supporting (of which there were 3 colleagues — of local citizenry). I was representing clients Jack and Ninon Daulton who were not present.

The initial motion was to deny awarding the "Certificate of Appropriateness" which, to clarify, is required in order to secure a building permit. The motion was seconded and after more discussion voted on. Fortunately there were 3 nays to the 5 count vote. After more debate, a second motion was made to award appropriateness to the design with some alteration which would be reviewed for approval by staff at a later date. The motion was seconded and voted on with 3 in favor and 2 against.